Mums Village is a parenting website that provides mum and baby content, parenting information and expert advice for pregnant women and parents in Kenya. As the CEO of Mums Village, Millicent is responsible for overall operations, profitability and strategic direction of the E-business. trategic direction of the E-business. Millicent passionately speaks about digital skills and transformation in different forums and at the same time trains the youth and mums on using digital platforms. “I 'm passionate about digital marketing and growing online businesses, training young people on new ways they can use digital media in their everyday lives to improve their experiences while making responsible decisions, and currently exploring my new found joy in improving ease of access to information to empower women to make informed decisions.” She says

Carol is currently the Royal Media Services’ Group Marketing Director where she has been instrumental in development and role out of digital assets including the recently launched news and entertainment Citizen Digital app. She has held influential marketing positions that have driven the growth of modern marketing including being Vice Chairperson of the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK). MSK is the umbrella body that governs the Marketing Professionals in Kenya. She is also a member of the Advertising Standards Committee (ASC), whose mandate is to provide governance, solve industry disputes and support growth and development of advertising standards across the industry.

Catherine is a photography enthusiast who manipulates miniature images of herself into a tiny human doing everyday chores in a creative and artistic way using an online software. Her innovative and unique metaphysical content creation skill have turned her fast-growing social media channels into a hub of entertainment. Different brands have adopted her unique, creative and engaging way to demonstrate product use and features through photography manipulation. She is a talented content creator who influences for different brands.

Eva is the Senior Business Leader & Country Manager at Visa Kenya where she leads development and implementation of growth strategy. She has been instrumental in the growth of fintech a key enabler of digital marketing and ecommerce. Visa is the world’s leader in digital payments with an advanced global processing network, VisaNet that provides secure and reliable payments around the world, and is capable of handling more than 65,000 transaction messages a second. Eva previously worked at Standards Chartered Group as Head of Transactional Banking and Commercial banking.

June Chepkemei is the Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications at Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA), which is mandated by the Government of Kenya to implement the Konza Technopolis project. KoTDA is a semi-autonomous government agency tasked with building Kenya’s first Smart Techno City whose aim is to create a new economic driver for the nation and be an innovation hub. She has pioneered the Konza Innovation Ecosystem Initiative that is bringing together the various stakeholders within the industry to support the commercialization of research and the development of new solutions and enterprises within Konza.

Rehema is the Digital Project Lead at DigiTribe the East African Breweries Limited (EABL) inhouse digital team responsible for managing daily digital operations. She has been instrumental in implementing connections led digital creative, driving the EABL influencer playbook 1.0 that saw EABL provide employment for over 70 digital marketing influencers in the year 2020. She has also held different positions in Ogilvy Africa including Head of Digital, Group Account Director and COPA Africa Cup 2019 Digital Project lead.

Betty has over twenty years of expertise within the Digital Financial Services, Telecommunications sectors and pharmaceutical industries. She was recently appointed the CEO of Jumia Kenya one of the leading online marketplaces. She is also the Founder and CEO at Digital Den Consultancy ltd a Mobile money payment, digital and innovation thought leadership initiative. In the telecommunications industry, Betty worked at Safaricom Plc. where he served as the first M-PESA Director & General Manager of Mobile Money Services Leading the development of numerous innovative partnerships for provision of value-added services to M-PESA clients from its inception.

Pancy is the marketing manager at Brighter Monday a Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM) business unit. She has consistently led and supported Brighter Monday digital skills youth mentorship and job creation initiatives across the country. She is also an online classified thought leader who engages the world through different media houses on a regular basis. Pancy has successfully developed, supervised and implemented brand campaigns that have won numerous awards for brighter Monday. She Previously worked at IMAX as the General Manager where she pioneered and created the culture of ‘Open Night Special Screening’ that drew full house audiences and drove up sales in the company. 

Shikha is currently the Head of Marketing at Google Kenya. She is a tireless mentor and digital skills development enthusiast who never misses an opportunity to share her thoughts in different forums. She is a passionate marketing practitioner who has accumulated a wealth of experience over a decade in technology, strategy and marketing across Africa. She is a strong and influential advocate of women in leadership demonstrated in her regular trainings designed to empower young women with personal branding and career development skills.