Take Your Books With You

No matter where you are, take your books with you. When you sit under a tree to catch the sensation of nature, you can access your notes for reference, continue with a book you were reading and even prepare to tackle an exam.

Your Gadget, Your Library

Be it your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, Soma enables you to package your entire library into it. It avails all your notes at the convenience of your gadget through the world wide web.

An Exciting Way to Learn

It's not the amount of time you dedicate to learn it, it is the exciting manner in which learning is availed to you. It's all about how interesting and how available it is when you are at the peak of your concentration that you learn!

Five Letters That Make The Difference

Self Training Under Desirable Yare

Beyond The Rays of The Twilight

You may be away in the most abandoned places, but Soma will never let you be lonely. It always has your back, It always becomes your desired company. Just click, just read it and get lost in it.

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