The Inaugural Women in digital honorary recognition was held in April 2017 where 25 most influential women in digital were announced. The announcement happened online and generated a lot of interest and excitement from honorees and their fans.

This initiative recognizes women doing great work in digital who have directly or indirectly contributed to the growth and use of digital for personal and societal good. The women are innovators, entrepreneurs, corporate trendsetters doing big and small things to make the world a better place.


  • Entry open to women only
  • Eligible to women of all ages
  • Women can nominate self or be nominated
  • Nominations entered online through a form that collects necessary details


Jamila is the Country Director, GiveDirectly that allows governments, foundations, and individual donors to provide direct cash transfers to the extreme poor using the latest technology at every step.She was previous the Country Manager at Wefarm a free peer-to-peer service that enables farmers to share information via mobile phone, ask questions on farming and receive crowd-sourced answers from other farmers around the world in minutes. She also worked as the CEO and founder at M-Farm Lt d.

Catherine was recently appointed the Director of Research at world Wide Web Foundation that focuses on increasing global access to the internet while ensuring the web is a safe and empowering tool that people can use freely and fully to improve their live. It seeks to achieve digital equality in the world where everyone has the same rights and opportunities online.She is also a Non-Executive Director, Standard Chartered Bank where she chairs Information Technology (IT) Committee.

In her current role as Facebook Regional Sales Program Manager, Esther is responsible for managing and developing programs for Facebook and Instagram advertisers across EMEA to optimize Facebook's advertising support solutions. She is the Co-founder, Young Kenyans in Technology that brings together a quality and powerful network of Young Kenyans in Technology through which they can grow from one another, exchange ideas and collaborate.She previously worked at Google too.

Faith is the country Manager at Cellulant a fintech company with a digital payment platform that provides a reliable, real-time link to all things digital payments across Africa. She joined Cellulant from Oracle Corporation, where she helped the Kenyan public sector with transformational solutions to improve their internal processes, Generate and grow revenue to increase Kenya's competitiveness in the global economy.She is also a board Member at Women on boards Network Kenya where she chairs Finance, Partnerships and Administration Committee.

Angie is the Co-founder and CEO of Growd Global Ltd a child-centered EdTech platform that helps parents and their children design their learning experiences or classrooms.She also works at Knight Stirling Consulting as the Digital Financial Services Senior consultant where she helps clients and partnering organizations optimize their digital financial strategies and support them through digital and multi-channel transnational programs. Angie is an active member of the Mobile Payments Association and the World Economics Association and a regular contributor to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Elsa Majimbo is a fast rising star in the online entertainment space where she regularly shares hilarious videos on her digital channels that have grown within a very short time to attract engagement from not only local celebrities but also world celebrated personalities. She has received mentions from Steve Harvey, Usain Bolt Chrissy Teigen with majority of her fans based in south Africa. She has a unique and corny way of presenting her jokes accompanied by hearty laughter, late night crisp and glasses as part of her accessories.At 19 years, Elsa recently signed a commercial contract with Fenty a fashion brand.